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Before & After Illustrations By Nacho Diaz Have People Saying 'Same'

Before & After Illustrations By Nacho Diaz Have People Saying 'Same'

Pop culture illustrator Nacho Diaz has a distinct way of viewing life and making people smile. The Spanish designer took everyday things like animals and food and juxtaposed them into a series of cute before & after illustrations.

You will never be able to view these daily objects in quite the same way again.

"I like to give a twist to everyday things in my illustrations," he told Bored Panda and explained his inspiration behind his latest project.

It started as a 'before and after coffee' idea, just as most of my designs.

While working on it I soon realized that there are a lot of fun before and after comparisons in our lives. As for the core of the idea, I enjoy looking for similarities between people and objects, animals and food.

People can relate to the scenarios depicted in his illustrations. He gets us.

By using elements that we all know in situations we all live, I think I'm able to connect with people, and in the end, to make them smile.

The talented artist, who founded his own website, Naolito, in 2009, has made a name for himself with comics featuring his memorable anthropomorphic characters. His imagination has made quite an impression around the world, and he gained a massive social media following totaling 150,000 followers on Instagram and over 300,000 fans on Facebook after bloggers began sharing his work.

Diaz told Bored Panda he's been able to find his own voice after establishing himself and hasn't looked back since.

When you are a beginning artist, most of the time you need to adapt to the audience's demands, but having such a supportive fanbase, I feel like I'm able to work on the ideas I really enjoy, and I think that freedom helped me to improve the quality of my work too.

He's branched out to offering T-shirts featuring his designs, so you could "share the fun wherever you go."

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