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Reporter Left Stunned After Woman Interrupts His Report To Kiss Him In Awkward Video

Australian reporter JohnPaul Gonzo was in the middle of filming a segment in Moldova when a woman brazenly walked into his camera shot and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Reporter JohnPaul Gonzo getting kissed
10 News First

On a random street in Moldova this week, a news reporter from Australia was working on a live report from the Eastern European country when he got an unexpected kiss.

JohnPaul Gonzo, a reporter with Australia's 10 News First, was mid-sentence during his report when out of nowhere a young woman simply walked up to him as if the camera wasn't even there and smacked one right on his cheek.

See the moment below.

Gonzo was in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau reporting on the United States' pledge of $500 million in military aid to Ukraine in their continuing efforts to beat back Russian military forces after the country illegally invaded a year ago.

Moldova is a small country to the east of Romania that shares most of its border with Ukraine. It was once part of the Soviet Union which engulfed several neighboring countries during the height of its power.

Gonzo could be heard announcing the $500 million in aid and clarifying it "does not include long-range weapons..." when suddenly he trailed off, looking up from his phone at something off camera.

Suddenly a blond woman appeared, kissed him on the cheek, and then walked off casual as anything.

She then blew him a kiss and called:

"You're really cute!"

The camera then panned back to a visibly flustered and obviously embarrassed Gonzo.

After a hearty laugh between Gonzo and his crew, he soldiered on with his rehearsal like the seasoned professional he obviously is.

The internet of course weighed in.

People commented on the viral moment and consent.

Several industry insiders remarking on the risks of live TV.

We wish Gonzo less eventful future broadcasts.

As for the young woman, consent is key.

Perhaps offer a handshake and request a kiss from men you see on the street in future?