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At The Very Least The Polar Vortex Has Given Us Some Stunning Frozen Photos

At The Very Least The Polar Vortex Has Given Us Some Stunning Frozen Photos
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Epic cold temperatures are gripping the United States. In the midwest, the wind-chill has the mercury down to subzero temperatures even colder than antarctica.

Of course, President Trump thinks that the cold temperatures are proof that climate change isn't real.

Meanwhile, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had this to say...

They go on to explain that severe snowstorms are in fact going to become more common thanks to climate change. While there is some debate about whether or not the increase in this polar vortex phenomenon is directly related to climate change, many scientists believe it is.

Despite the scariness of the shifts in global temperatures, there was some beauty in it all. There was the boiling water turned into instant snow moment.

There was frozen waves.

The trees looked like an enchanted forest.

And ice blanketed every surface.

There was this frozen house.

And these beautiful ice caps.

There was snow as far as the eye could see.

As the sun juxtaposed itself against the ice.


Some chose to capture the beauty from inside.

Like the ice creeping up this window.

Others were here for the great outdoors.

And nothing was more breathtaking than the frozen blocks of ice floating on Michigan's great lakes.

Till the next polar vortex.

Unfortunately we may need to get used to them.