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Amateur Artist Offers To Restore Ancient Jesus Sculpture—And We All Know How This Ends 😑

Photo by DSF-AFP-Getty Images

Sweet baby Jesus, say it isn't so! A local "artist" attempted to restore a 15th century sculpture and succeeded at turning into a DIY Pinterest fail.

This is not the first time a well meaning parishioner in Spain has destroyed a piece of religious art. First, a Jesus fresco took a beating and then a 500 year old wooden effigy was destroyed. This time it was a sculpture of the holy family. María Luisa Menéndez convinced the clergy to let her "spruce up" the sculpture, but instead of giving it a dust and polish, she PAINTED IT.

Yes, this really happened.

Photo by Dsf / AFP / Getty Images

Garish colors and scary faces.

Photo by DSF/AFP/Getty Images

Never forget.

Even if you want to.

People can't stop shaking their heads.

And then this happened.

Of course there is a solution.

Five little words to live by.

H/T: Mashable, Guardian