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Rightwing Author Ripped For Saying Only Jesus Has Been 'Unfairly Persecuted' More Than Trump

Rightwing Author Ripped For Saying Only Jesus Has Been 'Unfairly Persecuted' More Than Trump
Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Conservative political commentator Nick Adams was mocked after he claimed only Jesus Christ has been "unfairly persecuted" more than former Republican President Donald Trump.

Writing on Twitter, Adams called Jesus—whose flagellation and subsequent crucifixion are recounted in both the canonical and synoptic gospels—the "sole exception" in the persecution Olympics, with Trump close behind.

You can see his tweet below.

Adams' comment came shortly after New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit accusing Trump, his family business and three of his children of lying to lenders and insurers as well as inflating his assets by billions of dollars. James concluded the Trumps broke state laws and very likely federal ones and seeks to bar them from ever running a business in New York again.

James had earlier accused the Trump family business of engaging in “fraudulent or misleading” practices by misrepresenting the value of its assets. Trump later sued James in December 2021, arguing her investigation violates his constitutional rights.

The development in New York comes as Trump continues to face heavy scrutiny for absconding from the White House with classified and top secret documents the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) later recovered after securing a search warrant for his Mar-a-Lago estate.

Trump was criticized earlier this week after Raymond Dearie, the special master appointed per his request to review the thousands of documents the FBI seized last month, took Trump's legal team to task for failing to back up Trump's claim classified documents were rightfully in his possession.

As far as social media users were concerned, nothing about these latest developments indicates Trump is being "unfairly persecuted" at all.

Many mocked Adams as a result, pointing to examples of people who were actually persecuted.

Adams, who hails from Australia, rose to promience in 2017 after then-President Trump made favorable comments and tweets about his work, notably Adams' book Green Card Warrior which has been largely scorned for being little more than an anti-immigration screed.

Adams is White, but sees no irony in being Australian and opposing immigration. White people are not indigenous to Australia or the Americas.

Adams openly denounced multiculturalism, saying:

"It creates groups and pockets of people that of course, then feel that there are certain elements of superiority and inferiority and I think that we need to be united."