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A Cryptic Tweet From Drake Is Twitter's New Favorite Meme--And Now We're Going To Use It, Too

@Drake/Twitter, @Oh_My_Gos/Twitter

Twitter's new favorite meme is proof that social media is forever. We don't know what Drake was talking about on May 16, 2012 when he tweeted this out - but we know Twitter has been having a field day memeing it in 2018.

Check out the cryptic Tweet:

We don't know Drake, what are you gonna do? With a new album out and people still going on this #InMyFeelingsChallenge, you've kind of got all eyes on you right now. You could theoretically do pretty much whatever you wanted. Speaking of that challenge, maybe you should tell people to stop jumping out of moving vehicles to dance to your songs?

We know what Twitter is gonna do, though. Twitter is gonna meme your old tweets like the comedic champions they are.

We thought you'd like that, Drizzy.


So what did Twitter come up with? Everything from career moves, to puppers, to savagery about Drake's Rhinanna relationship. Kick back and enjoy.

Clearly Drake's tweet can be used for any situation, and we can already think of situations we'd use it in. We want to hear what you've got. Sound off in the comments!

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