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Woman Only Showers Once A Week Because She 'Doesn't Like It'—And TikTok Has Questions

Woman Only Showers Once A Week Because She 'Doesn't Like It'—And TikTok Has Questions

How often should one shower?

There isn't really one correct answer to this age old question.

There are those who take showers multiple times a day, while others might only shower three or four times a week.

TikToker Reina, however, limits her shower regiment to once a week.

In a series of videos on her TIkTok page, where she goes by the handle @reindrrop, Reina explained her reasons for keeping her time in the shower to a minimum.

In one video, Reina shared that she simply "despise[s] washing my hair and general bathing."


by Friday I’ll be full blown grease ball #fyp #relatable #notwashingmyhair #notshowered #dirtyhairdontcare #dirtyhair

In the 2-minute video's caption, Reina acknowledged that her lack of showering and hair washing does have its consequences.

"By Friday, I’ll be full blown grease ball."

But in the video's voiceover, Reina admitted that she didn't really mind, nor did she care how people perceived her, and that she can make herself look presentable enough, with a hairbrush, dry shampoo and a bit of make-up.

"I always start by assessing the damage, just spray a ton of dry shampoo in it, brush it out, and figure out how to get it to not look too greasy."
"But I'm gonna tell you, if you don't wash your hair every day, it's gonna look greasy."

But Reina admitted that her greasy hair still couldn't convince her to shower more often than she does.

"Im a greasy girl, I'm gonna look greasy, and what it boils down to is I don't care enough to make it make me not hate showers."

In another video, Reina shared what her weekly "shower day" is like.


and the cycle starts again #fyp #grwm #hairwashday #dirtyhair #realisticgrwm

Reina confessed to feeling a bit "gross" after seven days of not showering, and that she makes sure to combine her shower day with one of the days she visits the gym to do cardio.

In another somewhat surprising revelation, she also combines the gym with her "shower day" so that she doesn't have to shower at her own home.

"I haven't taken a shower in my own home in a month or two, I lost track!"

The video then captured her Zumba and cardio routine, then showing her wet hair following her weekly shower, where she told viewers she could "go seven more days."

As one might expect, not everyone found Reina's decision to limit showering to once a week particularly charming or hygienic, as her video's left several of her fellow TikTokers confused.






The numerous questions and criticisms led Reina to post a follow-up video explaining why she only showers once a week.


Reply to @sunshinestatekris but it all boils down to the entire process being overwhelming @reindrrop #fyp #showerday #hairwash #dirtyhair #dirtyhairdontcare #notshowered

Reina gave a brief explanation for her decision in the video's caption.

"It all boils down to the entire process being overwhelming."

But she went into more detail in the just-over one minute video.

Reina first re-iterated the reason she gave in her first video, that she "just [doesn't] like it", but she also went into more explicit detail.

She first expressed how taking a shower was an inconvenient time commitment.

"From warming the water up, getting into the shower, doing all of the necessary shower things, to getting out of the shower, to drying, to waiting for my hair to dry."

Another reason she pays so few visits to the shower is that she hates how her hair feels when it's wet, and a hairdryer won't help.

"I hate the feeling of wet hair and no I can't do the hairdryers because I hate the sound of the hairdryer."

Reina then revealed that limiting her showers to once a week proved to be beneficial to her skin.

"Since I started showering less, keep in mind, I was never an everyday showerer since like middle school maybe."
"Anyway my eczema, my dry scalp, all my skin is better.

Reina's fourth reason was that one weekly shower helps preserve both water as well as bath products.

After offering her explanation, Reina did find some support from her TikTok followers, including some who share her hatred of showering.



But many others remained unconvinced that Reina's weekly shower could possibly be good for her, or anyone else.






But Reina didn't seem to take any of the negative comments her videos received to heart.

Though she did oblige one fellow TikToker who urged her to "just get in the shower man" in a follow up video.


Reply to @te_main I did it @reindrrop @reindrrop

With the comment overlayed in the upper corner, the ten-second video captured Reina stepping into the shower, fully clothed, before addressing her troll.

"I don't know what this accomplished, but I did it."

It doesn't look like the water in Reina's shower will be turned on any time soon.