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Woman Floored After Dating App Match Cancels Date Due To Her 'Loose Skin' From Giving Birth

Woman Floored After Dating App Match Cancels Date Due To Her 'Loose Skin' From Giving Birth

He did what now?

One man is catching some serious heat after he allegedly canceled a date because the woman had "loose skin" from giving birth.

The woman in question, Sarah Josephine (@charliesmom_gotitgoingon) recently revealed the unbelievable text exchange via TikTok.

In the first of several TikToks recounting the incident, Sarah used a screenshot of a text conversation she and her date had as the background for her TikTok.

Viewers could see from the screenshot that she sent him a picture of her sitting on a beach wearing a one-piece swimsuit.


Where do men find the audacity😂 #greenscreen #DatingFail #bodypositivity #Dating #ILoveMe #datingafterdivorce

The text following those photos read:

"Most recent pics taken from Jan 1st of this year lol."

But, according to the man's response, he wasn't able to look past loose belly skin that was a result of Sarah's pregnancy.


The man, whom Sarah met on a dating app, replied to her photos by saying:

“Yeah the loose skin from the pregnancy is the only thing."
"I appreciate you being so understanding, that’s rare I promise lol."

To which Sarah replied with a rather understanding message that read:

"No problem, I guess have a good one lol. Nice meeting you."

Since being posted to TikTok approximately a week ago, the 10-second video has accrued nearly 732,000 views, 28,500 likes, and almost 1,500 comments, with many of those comments ones of complete shock, outrage, and disgust over the man's words.




In a follow-up video that has nearly 100,000 views but has been since made private, Sarah reveals parts of the man's Tinder profile. In his profile, the 29-year-old wrote that he wanted to find a gym partner who wants to go on “adventures,” and continued on to write that he’s a “go with the flow type person.” That last bit seems a little suspicious…

Text overlaying the video read:

“I can have a flat stomach one day if I want, but nothing is every guna fix your shallow personality."

And to close out the 17-second TikTok, Sarah shared more pictures from the beach that she had also shared with the guy and wrote:

“PS. I know my worth."

We're so here for a confident queen.

In a third follow-up video, Sarah reveals why exactly she swiped right on this man's profile and why she decided to respond with kindness after reading the message he sent her about her loose skin.


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In the video, Sarah elaborated on her swiping choices by stating that she swiped right because she doesn’t take online dating “seriously” as her past experiences have set the bar so low that she always assumes everyone fills out their profiles noncommittally.

Sarah goes on to say that she did not respond with anger to the man's message because she felt it would generate more unwanted negative energy.




Somewhere in the TikTok universe, Drew Afualo is planning to call this man out to all 5.4 million of her followers.