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Whoopi Unloads On Fox News For Peddling Bonkers Taylor Swift 'Pentagon PsyOp' Conspiracy

The actor and her 'The View' cohosts were having none of Fox News and Jesse Watters' conspiracy that Swift is a 'Pentagon PsyOp,' with Goldberg remarking 'I'm tired of dumb people.'

Screenshot of Whoopi Goldberg; Taylor Swift; Screenshot of Jesse Watters
ABC; Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Fox News

Actor and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg criticized Fox News after host Jesse Watters entertained a conspiracy theory suggesting pop sensation Taylor Swift could be a covert government operative.

During his show Jesse Watters Primetime, Watters presented a clip falsely attributed to a Pentagon official, claiming that Swift was considered by the Pentagon's psychological operations unit as an asset to combat online misinformation.

Watters questioned Swift's meteoric rise to fame, suggesting a possible government connection:

"I like her music. She’s all right. But, I mean, have you ever wondered why or how she blew up like this?"

He then played a clip from a 2019 cyber conference featuring Alicia Bargar, a research engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, who used Swift as an example of a public figure combating misinformation through a "peaceful information operation."

But Bargar is not a Pentagon operative, not that this stopped Watters, who was angry that a singer "who endorsed [now-President Joe] Biden is urging millions of her followers to vote."

He said:

“Well, around four years ago, the Pentagon psychological operations unit floated turning Taylor Swift into an asset during a NATO meeting. What kind of asset? A PSYOP for combating online misinformation." ...
“Yeah, that’s real: the Pentagon PSYOP unit pitched NATO on turning Taylor Swift into an asset for combating misinformation online.”

Goldberg called out Watters during Thursday's episode of The View, expressing frustration with what she considers misplaced focus by Fox News.

While introducing a clip from Watters' show, Goldberg highlighted the importance of discussing real issues like reproductive rights, racism, healthcare costs, income disparity, and gun violence. She criticized Fox News for prioritizing speculative theories over pressing concerns affecting millions of Americans.

You can hear what Goldberg said in the video below.

Fox News Pushes Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory | The

Goldberg said:

“Reproductive rights, racism, health care costs, income disparity and gun violence — just to name a few. But this is what the Fox News folks wanted viewers to be worried about during their primetime broadcast on Tuesday.”
“When we talk about snowflakes, you know they always talk about – you people worry about the weirdest stuff. She got people to go out and vote, including probably all kinds of people that you’d rather not have voting."

Goldberg praised Swift for motivating people, including those who may not align with certain political views, to exercise their right to vote. She questioned the validity of Watters' conspiracy theory, labeling it as "bologna" and expressing frustration with what she perceives as a misguided focus on trivial matters.

She said:

“But you know what? We’re going to continue to suggest that folks who have the wherewithal to say ‘Hey, if you want to make a change in the world, go ahead and go out and vote, that’s our biggest thing.’"
"If she can get people to do that, why would you say that was a bad thing or talk about it like you’re disparaging it? What kind of bull — bologna. What kind of bologna is that?”

Many joined Goldberg in criticizing Watters as well as Fox News' coverage.

Goldberg's View co-host Sunny Hostin also agreed with her assessment.

Hostin chimed in, highlighting Swift's evolution from a "country pop princess" to a figure who champions causes like LGBTQ rights and gun reform. Hostin suggested that conservative figures like Watters had initially hoped Swift would align with their views, but her advocacy for social justice causes proved them wrong.

Joy Behar added a humorous touch, suggesting that if there's a "princess" for figures like Watters, it's Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her controversial and conservative stances.

Interestingly, the Pentagon later was forced to address Watters' conspiracy theory—and with a Swiftian sense of humor at that.

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh responded to Watters' claim, invoking one of Swift's popular hits by stating in a release, "as for this conspiracy theory, we are going to shake it off."

Singh took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of Congress approving the supplemental budget request "Swift-ly," cleverly integrating another Swift song into her statement, saying, "'I Wish You Would' grant the administration" its request.