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Conservative Reporter Has Eyes Rolling After Staging Photo To Appear Like She's Helping Before Peacing Out In Her Mercedes


We've officially reached the part of the story of George Floyd's murder where people are using the aftermath as fodder for clicks on social media.

A conservative reporter has drawn widespread ire after a video of her staging a photo where she appears to be helping board-up businesses in Santa Monica, California hit the internet and immediately went viral.

The video shows a young woman asking a worker, who is boarding up a business to protect it from looting, if she can borrow his drill to snap a photo.

She poses as if she is drilling the wood onto the facade herself while her companion snaps the photo and then the pair immediately zoom off in their Mercedes.

The incident took place in Santa Monica, California which has been targeted by looters in recent days during the nightly protests that have erupted around the country.

Due to her sunglasses and the bandana covering her face, her identity was at first a mystery, but nobody moves faster than the folks on Twitter. Before long, New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz was reporting that the woman is Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, an intern at The Washington Examiner, a right-wing media outlet that traffics in the usual Islamophobia and climate-change denial, along with an infamously toxic work environment.

In other words, pretty much exactly the type of place you'd expect someone to work if they're the sort of person who'd troll the aftermath of the brazen murder of an unarmed Black man at the hands of police for social media clicks.

That is, until The Washington Examiner fired her, at least.

Prior to The Washington Examiner, Moriarty-McLaughlin previously worked at Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter, as well as an outlet called Campus Reform which aims to expose the ways "leftist professors indoctrinate students" and "suppress free speech," according to their website.

On Twitter, people were rightfully appalled at Moriarty-McLaughlin's stunt.

Moriarty-McLaughlin has since deleted her entire social media presence or made it private.