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Woman's Eye-Opening Viral Thread About How Her Father Endured Institutionalized Racism Is A Must-Read

@MimZWay (Twitter)

Miriam Zinter is a banker, stand-up comedian, and mother of two. She lives in Brighton, New York, and she is a black woman who looks white. On September 9, before she left for Sunday morning mass, she sat down and wrote a Twitter thread about her father. But she never could have expected what came next.

Miriam's thread was devoted to talking about her dad.

It tells the story of how her dad joined the Navy, one pivotal experience he had on board, and what life was like for him after.

Check it out.

Miriam later sat down with Evan Dawson on his podcast, Connections.

She retold the story to Dawson while also sharing her surprise at the fact that her Twitter thread went viral.

She was especially starstruck when Soledad O'Brien, host of CNN's Starting Point with Soledad O'Brien, retweeted her thread.

People are overwhelmed by the lack of justice in Miriam's father's story.

Others are thankful that Miriam took the time to tell her dad's story.

Thank you, Ms. Zinter, for sharing your family's story. It is important that we don't forget the incredible hurdles that people of color were made to jump through just to attain basic rights, like property.

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