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There's A Hilarious Debate Raging On Twitter As To How A Giraffe Should Ideally Wear A Bowtie

There's A Hilarious Debate Raging On Twitter As To How A Giraffe Should Ideally Wear A Bowtie

These are challenging times, with myriad debates are raging all over this country, pitting neighbor against neighbor, mother against son, brother against brother.

It's understandable if you're exhausted. But you must hang in there for one moment more, because there's an urgent debate that needs tending to that is tearing the internet apart.

How, exactly, does a giraffe wear a bow tie?

Of course, many of you may be bristling at this, remembering the ugly debates from years past over how a dog would wear pants or how a shark would play a harmonica that threatened to rend the very fabric of internet society.

But this a legitimate question that has arisen from real life experience, as Twitter user "Good Idea Guy" (@SortaBad), who posed the question on Twitter, told HuffPost. He was walking past a store window recently that featured a mannequin with an unusually long neck. And... well, you can probably see where this is going.

As he put it to HuffPost:

"It was one of those mannequins without a head and for whatever reason the neck was super long. And I don't know why, but the bow tie was really high up. Way higher than a person would wear it, like put there lazily by some store clerk."

And that got him thinking.

Say this neck was taken to its most absurd extreme, a giraffe. Where in God's name does the bowtie go?

So he decided to ask the internet and, to his surprise, the opinions flooded in.

"I wasn't expecting the tweet to be particularly popular. It was just something random I thought of. In general, I'm pretty awful at predicting what people will find engaging."

So what's the answer?

Well, of course, it's open to interpretation. Good Idea Guy's fellow twitizens had plenty to say on the topic.

There was Team Up High...

...Team Down Low...

...those who couldn't quite decide...

...and those who felt neither option was exactly right.

Thankfully, someone pointed out that this debate has already been settled.

For Good Idea Guy's part, he's on Team Down Low, based on shirt collar placement.

So there you have it. One 2020 debate that is easily settled.