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Tucker Carlson Sparks Outrage After Calling Trans People 'Satanic' For Playing 'God' With Gender

Tucker Carlson Sparks Outrage After Calling Trans People 'Satanic' For Playing 'God' With Gender
Tucker Carlson Tonight/Fox News

Never one to shy from controversy, Tucker Carlson put his transphobia out for everyone to see on Fox News August 23, by declaring transgender people "satanic".

The comment came during an interview with conservative radio host Jason Whitlock, a portion of which was shared on Twitter.

Carlson got things rolling by asking Whitlock how many Americans actually believed the core ideas—according to Carlson—of the Democratic party.

But with its rambling tone, whether or not it could actually be considered a question was debatable.

"What do you think—I've always wondered this—what is the actual support for the ideas?"
"Not, you know, do you like Trump or Biden? But, for example, do you think men can get pregnant? Or do you think some races are morally superior to other races?"
"Like the core ideas of the Democratic Party. How many Americans actually believe that stuff, would you guess?"

Visibly confused by what he just heard, Whitlock none the less took it as his opportunity to declare "a lot of what the left supports is satanic."

What specifically Whitlock thinks is satanic, however, was never made clear.

He backed up his argument by stressing how liberal left-leaning fights for civil rights were, in fact, driven by traditional "Christian values."

"Yes, it was hard, but our Christian values compelled us to sacrifice our lives for the freedoms of other Americans, of slaves."
"And through the Civil Rights Movement, our Christian values compelled us to take risks and fight for equality and the equality of opportunity for everybody."

None the less, Whitlock drove home the fact that the "stuff" liberals supports is "satanic."

After confessing to being only a "mild-Protestant," Carlson wholeheartedly agreed with Whitlock's non-sensical statement, "especially the gender stuff."

"When you say you can change your own gender by wishing it, you're saying you're God, and that is satanic, I completely agree."

This was in spite of the fact Whitlock never specified gender in his earlier statements, as he didn't, in fact, specify anything.

Carlson ended his interview with Whitlock by saying how much he appreciated him for being "one of the few people to say something like that on TV."

Even though it seemed he was most appreciative for his own, transphobic remarks, and nothing Whitlock said.

The majority of responses on Twitter to Carlson's latest bigoted remarks were anything but appreciative.

Following the negative reaction to the interview on social media, Whitlock made an attempt at damage control in an op-ed for The Blaze, which he posted to his Twitter page.

Claiming it was too difficult to "unpack" his statement in their short interview, he hoped the piece might offer some clarity. But all it offered was more offensive rhetoric.

While Whitlock claimed he didn't "want to pick on people with gender dysphoria," he firmly asserted undergoing transition surgery was a sin, and then went on to cite abortion, Marxism and his own gluttony are sinful.

He added how sinful "corporate media" was for blowing "Black Lives Matter" out of proportion and causing chaos.

Indeed, Whitlock's confusing ideology could be perfectly summed up by one response on Twitter.

It also seemed like both Carlson and Whitlock failed to remember one of the Bible's most repeated quotes, from John 8:7:

"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone."