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Tucker Carlson Rants About Using 'Nazi Race Science' In Bizarre Hot Take On Reparations For Black People

The Fox News host weighed in on California's proposal to compensate Black residents with his usual scare tactics.

Fox News screenshot of Tucker Carlson discussing reparations on his program
Fox News

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson weighed in on California's proposal to compensate descendants of slaves, declaring "Nazi race science" will determine who qualifies for reparations.

Video of Carlson's remarks was shared by Kat Abu, who works for Media Matters for America (MMA), a politically left-leaning 501, nonprofit organization and media watchdog group.

You can hear what Carlson said in the video below.

Carlson said:

“So, at this point, there are plenty of white people in America who are descended from slaves. There are plenty of Black people in America who are descended from slave owners. That’s just true.”
“So, how do you know who qualifies for government reparations? Well of course there is only one way to find out and it’s old-fashioned Nazi race science. Nazi race science."
"So, the state will have to certify the racial purity of its citizens in order to send them money. That’s gonna have to happen."
“Do we really want to go there? Do we really want to do that? Amazingly, liberals really do.”

Carlson has been accused of using his program to stoke resentment against people of color and a recent New York Timesseries noted he has "constructed what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news."

Critics of Carlson pointed out he has pushed numerous racist conspiracy theories on his program, including replacement theory. He has often railed against liberal immigration policies, providing an enormous platform for White nationalist rhetoric.

When Carlson hasn't been using his program to spout his own rhetoric, he invites others to do it for him, such as when he generated controversy earlier this year for hosting University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Amy Wax. Wax claimed Black people and “Third World” immigrants hold “resentment and shame and envy” against White people because of their "outsized achievements and contributions.”

Many have condemned Carlson's remarks.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Carlson has previously used his program to complain about "race politics" but has conveniently ignored conspiracies he has been responsible for spreading.

For instance, earlier this year Carlson suggested "race politics" are responsible for political divisions across the nation in the aftermath of a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, even going so far as to downplay the existence of White nationalist talking points in the shooter's manifesto.

The shooter—who is reported to have written a 180-page manifesto released prior to the attack—subscribed to the "Great Replacement" conspiracy theory, which suggests White European populations and their descendants are being demographically and culturally replaced with non-European peoples, a conspiracy Carlson has often touted.