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Penn Professor Tells Tucker Carlson That 'Blacks' Envy Westerners' 'Outsized Achievements' In Bonkers Video

Penn Professor Tells Tucker Carlson That 'Blacks' Envy Westerners' 'Outsized Achievements' In Bonkers Video
Fox Nation

University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Amy Wax has generated controversy again after she told Fox News personality Tucker Carlson that Black people and “Third World” immigrants hold “resentment and shame and envy” against Westerners because of their "outsized achievements and contributions.”

Wax, a controversial lecturer who has previously stated "all cultures are not equal," said the United States would be better with fewer Asians and has accused specific groups of not conforming to "bourgeois” and “free-market” cultural values, characterized this "resentment" as "unbearable."

You can hear her remarks in the video below.

Wax said:

"I think there is just a tremendous amount of resentment and shame of non-Western peoples against Western peoples for Western peoples' outsized achievements and contributions. I mean, it's really unbearable."
"Leaving aside American Blacks, who I think do feel that resentment and shame and envy. I mean it is this unholy brew of sentiments."

Wax again attacked Asians, saying they "hate America" and suggesting “the United States is better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration.”

She added:

"Take Brahmin [high social class] women, they climb the ladder, they get the best education, we give them every opportunity and they turn around and lead the charge on 'we're racist,' 'we're an awful country,' 'we need reform,' 'our medical system needs reform'."
"Well, here's the problem, they're taught that they are better than everybody else because they are Brahmin elites. And yet, on some level their country is a sh*thole, excuse my language. It's not providing them with the opportunities that they feel that they deserve and which in many cases they do deserve."

Wax's interview soon attracted the attention of MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid, who said Wax's remarks, delivered so candidly on one of Fox News' most popular programs, are an example of unfiltered White nationalism and White supremacist rhetoric.

Reid also took Carlson to task, saying it is "always helpful" when he "and his friends just make it plain."

Others have also condemned Wax's remarks and directed further criticism at University of Pennsylvania Law School for keeping her in their employ despite her record.

Wax's remarks come even as she faces significant pushback from her own employer.

Earlier this year, Ted Ruger, the University of Pennsylvania’s law school dean, announced he would invoke a faculty review that could lead to sanctions against Wax for her prior racist commentary.

In an email to faculty, Ruger said Wax's conduct "has generated multiple complaints from members of our community citing the impact of pervasive and recurring vitriol and promotion of White supremacy as cumulative and increasing."