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Trump Was Just Asked To Rate His Coronavirus Response On A Scale Of 1 To 10–And His Answer Was Peak Trump

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

In the past, President Donald Trump has referred to himself as a "very stable genius" and said that he alone could fix the problems faced by the United States.

However, his response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a whole new light on his ineptitude.

The Trump administration, until recent days, has repeatedly dismissed the seriousness of the virus and bungled its crucial first rollout of testing kits.

As uncertainty grows around the nation, the President has nevertheless praised himself and his administration's handling of the pandemic.

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When asked how he'd rate his response to the crisis, Trump said:

"I'd rate it a 10. I think we've done a great job."

Due to a lack of available testing, the United States is risking a dangerous undercount of diagnosed cases, which could result in a massive uptick down the line. Grocery stores are going empty and Americans are being urged to stay inside. Hundreds of thousands of hourly workers are facing threats of unemployment or reduced employment.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence as the response director for the pandemic, despite many valid criticisms of Pence's qualifications. As recently as Tuesday, Trump falsely labeled COVID-19 as "Chinese Virus."

Suffice it to say, people didn't agree with his assessment.

Many consider the Trump administration's response to be an abject failure.

A new poll indicated that 60% of Americans trust Trump very little or not at all when it comes to information about COVID-19.