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Twitter Has Theories About Why Trump Made A Surprise Trip To Iraq—And It Wasn't For The Troops 😂

Photo by Saul Loeb -AFP-Getty Image -Twitter Karen Tosada

The day after Christmas, President Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, flew to Iraq to visit service men and women overseas. It was the first time since taking office the President visited members of the armed forces currently stationed in combat zones.

It is well known President Trump avoided military service during the Vietnam draft with five deferments, and didn't show any early signs of wanting to visit troops, so the after-Christmas visit came as a very pleasant surprise for many in the media. (And by many, we mean Fox News.)

For everyone else there was skepticism. While in the middle of a partial government shutdown, and after asking a seven-year-old, "Are you a still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it's marginal, right?", some felt Trump might have had other reasons for skipping town.

Folks took to Twitter to give their best guess at the underlying motive for the Trump travel.

Where have we seen this type of behavior before? Oh yeah...

People don't trust the motives.

Some sneaky little mice were making plans while the cat was away.

While some pondered how the conversation went with the troops.

And then there was the tiny issue of a whooper of a lie.

Also the that nit-picky detail of outing the location and faces of Navy Seals by posting their faces onTwitter.

So, to recap.

In other words, just another average day in Trump world.

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