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Don Jr. Blasted After Sharing Photos Of His 'Gator Hunt' With Kimberly Guilfoyle On Social Media

Don Jr. Blasted After Sharing Photos Of His 'Gator Hunt' With Kimberly Guilfoyle On Social Media

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, were called out after they shared photographs of their recent "gator hunt" on social media.

Photos taken during Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry's 12th annual gator hunt show him and Guilfoyle posing with alligator carcasses while another shows him riding in a boat with a revolver strapped to his chest. Another photograph shows him and a beaming Guilfoyle with others who joined them on their hunting expedition.

You can see the Instagram post below.

These photos are nothing new for Trump Jr., who made headlines a few years ago after he bragged about swimming in a gator-infested swamp, calling the dare "easy money," and joined then-House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican, on Landry's $5,000-per-head annual alligator hunt.

The newest photos quickly took social media by storm and many reacted angrily toward Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle.

Trump Jr. has courted controversy for big-game hunting expeditions before.

In 2016, during their father's presidential campaign, Trump Jr. and his brother Eric were heavily criticized after pictures emerged of the animals they’d killed on safari.

The two men posed for photos with a slain civet as well as an elephant and a leopard that they had killed.

In 2019, Trump Jr. made headlines again, this time for traveling to Western Mongolia and shooting and killing an argali, an animal that has the distinction of being the largest sheep in the world—while also holding a place on the endangered species list.

Trump Jr.'s trip to Mongolia racked up $76,859.36 in Secret Service fees, which is $60,000 more than the Trump administration had previously disclosed.

Earlier this year, news outlets reported that a Utah hunting guide would face felony charges for laying illegal bait for a bear that Trump Jr. shot in 2018.

The Salt Lake Tribunereported that hunting guide Wade Lemon was charged in Davis County in May, mere days before the statute of limitations expired. He faces a potential five-year prison sentence.