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Trump Celebrates After Gay Hookup App's Poll Shows Him Having Nearly As Much Support As Biden

Trump Celebrates After Gay Hookup App's Poll Shows Him Having Nearly As Much Support As Biden
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Queer men plan to vote for Trump in truly shocking numbers―45% to Biden's 51%―if a poll conducted by gay hook-up app Hornet is to be believed.

A self-selecting poll like this one is hardly scientific, but that didn't stop President Trump from celebrating his apparent popularity on gay sex apps. He tweeted his excitement about the poll over the weekend.

The app's poll included a sample size of only 1,200 people, but its results hew closely to national polling, which puts Biden at 50% to Trump's 43%, on average.

Nevertheless, the numbers are unexpected given the LGBTQ community's historic support of the Democratic party. Exit polls from 2016 indicated that at least 75% of LGBTQ people supported Hillary Clinton, with just 14% supporting Trump.

The poll is especially surprising in the wake of the Trump administration's efforts to undermine LGBTQ civil rights and its repeated submission of amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court advocating for anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

The administration's assault on LGBTQ rights has been particularly acute when it comes to the transcommunity, members of which are the most vulnerable when it comes to hate crimes and anti-LGBTQ murders.

That said, the Hornet poll is not even remotely scientific, so it likely indicates nothing more than voting preferences among Hornet users, not LGBTQ voters or even queer men in general. Recent legitimate polling suggests that LGBTQ voters oppose Trump by a wide margin. A June Morning Consult poll of 30,000 registered voters puts the numbers at 53% for Biden and just 20% for Trump.

But Trump has never been one to let actual numbers convince him of anything, of course. And his celebration of this poll had many on Twitter rolling their eyes.

Regardless of its inaccuracy, the poll itself left plenty of people angry.

Though not everyone was surprised, given the racism and misogyny that is often seen among gay men.

Hornet's poll was also open to any country in the world and, with other countries taken into account, the numbers are far starker: 54% in support of Biden, and 25% in support of Trump.