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Former Trump Spokesperson Dragged After Bookcase Behind Her Appears To Have A 'Crease' In It

Former Trump Spokesperson Dragged After Bookcase Behind Her Appears To Have A 'Crease' In It
Sky News

Trump supporters aren't exactly known for their honesty, and that apparently extends even to the backdrops in their home offices.

Twitter is having a field day after former Trump spokeswoman Erin Elmore did a live interview with the U.K.'s Sky News in front of what looked like a bookcase with a crease in it, proving it was nothing more than a fabric backdrop.

And given Trumpworld's propensity for chicanery, people couldn't help but drag her for it.

The incident occurred Friday during an interview between Sky's Adam Boulton and Elmore, a member of Trump's 2016 campaign and a contestant on his former reality show The Apprentice.

Almost immediately upon the interview getting under way, eagle-eyed viewers began noticing little details about the background in Elmore's Jupiter, Florida home that didn't quite add up, like the fact none of the books had titles on their spines.

But it was a detail directly to the right of Elmore, down in the corner of the screen where presumably she thought people wouldn't notice, that got the most attention—a crease that betrayed the bookcase was a fabric backdrop.

One particularly sleuthy tweeter even found the very same background on Amazon.

For the bargain price of $16.60, you too can have Erin Elmore's bookcase.

No word on whether it's eligible for Prime shipping, however.

Now, in Elmore's defense, using a backdrop for an interview, whether at home or in a studio, is a very common practice. But when combined with the combative and dishonest interview she did with Boulton, people weren't really interested in cutting her much slack.

Elmore's and Boulton's exchange got particularly heated when Boulton asked Elmore for her two cents on removing Trump from office, and she responded by accusing Joe Biden of having mental health issues.

Boulton's response was one for the record books:

"I'm just going to put it to you finally, I know you're in Jupiter, Florida, but I think many British viewers in particular will think you are living on another very strange planet which has lost touch with right and wrong and political morality."

It's safe to assume Twitter agreed with that assessment, because they took to roasting Elmore with unbridled glee.

And they weren't impressed with her interview performance either.

For her part, Elmore was not amused.

In an email to Indy100, Elmore had some choice words for her critics.

"If you're looking for some gotcha moment, this is not it. I hope your journalistic efforts lead you somewhere greater than my fake books."

Guess the internet struck a nerve.