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Trump Gets Deep Fried After Claiming That McDonald's Fries Are The Secret To His Prized Hair

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It's hard to predict what President Donald Trump is going to tweet about, even on nights that are extremely important to his political career.

A couple years ago, a study revealed that a chemical found inside McDonald's french fries might cure baldness, leading bald political pundit Ari Fleischer to tweet:

"It doesn't work."

Two years later, on his way to Minneapolis aboard Air Force Once, Trump retweeted Fleischer's 2018 joke, claiming McDonald's may be the secret to his infamous hairstyle.

Trump's critics on Twitter recommended he stop drawing attention to his hair.

If there are two things the President famously loves, it's his own style and the fast food of McDonald's.

Meanwhile, others felt they had to point out Trump hasn't exactly kept all his hair.

Many Americans still can't get over the fact the President of their country spends his free time tweeting about things like this joke from two years ago.

Why was Trump even looking at this random tweet from 2018?

At least we can all agree the President is beautiful thanks to McDonald's fries, right?

Hopefully the President spends a little less time thinking about McDonald's and a little more time worrying about the country before his term has ended.