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Tomi Lahren Mocks March For Our Lives: 'Simply Being Anti-NRA is Not a Solution'

Tomi Lahren Mocks March For Our Lives: 'Simply Being Anti-NRA is Not a Solution'
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Politicon

Conservative commentator and Fox News personality Tomi Lahren accused the March For Our Lives movement of not standing "for" anything. It backfired spectacularly.

On Saturday, Lahren mocked the stupendously successful protest launched by student survivors of February's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which took place in cities across the country on Friday. More than one million students and activists marched in an effort to motivate Congress to enact gun control measures that would keep students safe in schools.

Lahren's tweets were utter distortions of the movement.


Continuing on, Lahren implied that the majority of the country are members of the NRA, and that the nation's largest gun lobby represents the interests of the people.


This wasn't the first time Lahren has lobbed repugnant commentary toward the student survivors of February's massacre. Barely 24 hours after the incident, she tweeted that "the Left" was refusing to "let the families grieve" by calling for gun control in the wake of the shooting—and that victims and their families were pushing an "anti-gun agenda." Lahren also said that the ongoing debate "isn't about a gun, it's about another lunatic."


Lahren's tweets drew immediate backlash on social media.

"Claiming they're not marching FOR something when the name is March FOR Our Lives....."


FOR, Tomi. FOR.


"How is it possible you completely miss the point of absolutely everything, every time?"

It's what she's paid to do.


Lahren then decided to respond to the backlash, but she only dug herself into a deeper hole. Each subsequent tweet was less coherent than the last, and Twitter was simply not having it.

"Disarming the citizenry is the first step to oppression and tyranny. Kids, I suggest you crack open the history book and learn this pattern."

No one in the March For Our Lives movement is suggesting stripping anyone of their Second Amendment rights. Students simply don't want to worry about being shot in school.


Lahren's tweets became increasingly desperate.

""Hey guys, let's go march against our constitutional rights!" Yay! Historic! Less rights for all! (Except illegal immigrants, they can do whatever they want and the law doesn't apply to them because that'd be mean)."

"Imagine being mad at children because they don't want to be killed."


"Get your resumes ready."

The March For Our Lives movement is not about taking people's guns away, or getting rid of the Second Amendment. Students across the country are simply fed up with not being safe in school. The nationwide rallies offered messages of hope, and leaders of the movement, including MSD student survivor David Hogg, issued stern warnings to members of Congress who choose to accept NRA contributions over the safety and security of students. Millions of students will be old enough to vote in the 2018 midterms and the 2020 presidential election.

"We will come together. We will get rid of these public servants that only serve the gun lobby. And we will save lives. You are those heroes."