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TikToker Cuts In Line At Nashville Event Because She Has '70k Followers' —And It Doesn't End Well For Her

TikToker @desi.self filmed the tense altercation at a New Year's Eve event in Nashville after the woman was confronted by another patron.

Video stills from @desi.self

Sometimes, internet clout and follower size doesn't translate to the real world.

This is what one self-reported TikTok influencer experienced when she tried to cut the line at a vendor during Nashville's 14th Jack Daniels' New Years Eve Live: Nashville Big Bash.

Filmed by another TikTok user, @desi.self, the woman cuts the line after waiting quite awhile, and then experiences consequences.

Let's roll the tape.


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To summarize:

The TikTok Influencer—70k followers allegedly as declared in the video—cuts in line. Lady in black, who had been waiting, tries to talk to her.

Being ignored, lady in black slaps the influencer's phone. It escalates, with the crowd watching on and the whole thing being filmed simultaneously by @desi.self, another bystander and the influencer herself.

Finally, as the influencer walks away with her beers she cut in front of everyone to obtain, the lady in black pulls her hair hard from the back, making her spill beer everywhere. Incensed, the influencer then flings the rest of her beer at the lady in black.

They both walk off in the same direction, but say nothing and part ways.

As even the spectators in the crowd were deeply invested at the time, reactions to this altercation were quick to arrive on the video.

First was everyone's reaction when they saw the woman cut in line.


Noting the alleged influencer was also filming the whole time, people were remarking there would be her point of view TikTok eventually.




And, well, eeveryonenot involved in the fight was at least entertained.


Highlighting the apex of the conflict, one user discussed the hair pull.


Others were just thankful the whole story was conveyed, with context, between the video and text over the video.




But really, besides a lot of dignity, the true loser here was the beer.


Cheers to everyone waiting for the other combatants POV TikTok, which is sure to tell a very different story.