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This New Meme Hilariously Roasts J.K. Rowling's Little-Known Facts About 'Harry Potter' πŸ˜‚

Warner Bros, @SJSchauer/Twitter

J.K. Rowling's tendency to "expand" the Harry Potter universe with claims unsupported in her own books prompted the internet to lampoon her with a new meme.

Rowling has run the risk of becoming the next George Lucas, constantly making tweaks to the universe she created. Much like many Star Wars fans, Harry Potter fans seem to prefer the wizarding world canon they picked up from reading Rowling's seven Harry Potter books, as evidenced by the "No one/J.K. Rowling" meme that calls her out for her extraneous additions to the story.

Rowling has claimed, years after the fact, that wizards didn't have indoor plumbing and simply defecate themselves, and that Hogwarts had Jewish students, as well as Wiccan and LGBT students (none of whom were ever mentioned in the books, by the way) amongst other things.

While inclusivity is something to strive for, it shouldn't be an afterthought or addendum as Rowling implies when making these changes in retrospect.

For better or worse, Twitter users got extremely imaginative with the hilarious meme.

We're officially traumatized.

This is just... a lot to deal with.

We can't wait for Rowling's next absurd edit to the universe she created. She makes this too easy.