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The Real Star Of The Golden Globes Red Carpet Was...That Fiji Water Lady? 😮

Photo by Stefanie Keenan-Getty Images for FIJI Water, Twitter: @wingardiumbrad

The Golden Globes was an event filled with numerous celebrities and one now-famous water girl.

A young woman is being praised by the those on social media for being a master of promotion. FIJI water hired a woman to stand on the red carpet as the stars arrived and hand out water.

This girl took her job to the next level, and managed to photo bomb nearly every shot. It's not often a company get so much loyalty from an employee.

Perhaps the company should appreciate the extra effort shown and give this girl a raise.

The water girl was discovered to be model and animal rights activist Kelleth Cuthbert.

And here she is on her Instagram getting ready for her moment in the spotlight.

People truly appreciate the good job she did.

She stole the (awards) show.

As much as she loves serving water, the model loves animals too.

Someone get this lady her own television show, or at least a promotion at FIJI.