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Ted Cruz Brags About Not Looking At 'Gorgeous Woman' During Yankees Game—And Twitter Is Rolling Its Eyes

Cruz recounts the Yankees vs. Astros game on his podcast 'Verdict with Ted Cruz.'

Ted Cruz
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz had Twitter users rolling their eyes after he reminisced about a "gorgeous woman in a halter top" he saw during a Yankees game and bragged about not ogling her breasts.

Speaking on his podcast The Verdict with Ted Cruz, Cruz said that he had to remind himself not to look back at her to avoid getting caught on camera looking at her in a way that would have invited bad press.

He did comment, however, on the size of her breasts, saying a friend who was with him that day noted, "'to use the Monty Python phrase, 'She has great tracts of land.'"

You can hear his remarks in the video below.

Referring to the comment his friend made about the woman's breasts, Cruz said:

"So he tells me this, and I'm like, 'Okay, all we need is one video of me turning around and my eyes shifting down."
"There are 24 frames in a second. For one 24ths of a second, I look down and that's an image they go with."
"I have to admit, the whole damn game, I'm like, 'I'm looking forward. Or if I turn around, my eyes are up, dammit."

Adding to the sleaziness of this memory, Cruz admitted he had taken a selfie with the woman prior to the game, saying she was "actually very nice."

Twitter users were less than impressed with Cruz's admission.

Cruz has been called out in the past for creepy and inappropriate comments about women.

During an appearance on The View earlier this year, co-host Ana Navarro called it "creepy and disgusting" when Cruz weighed in on former Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson's then relationship with Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale, saying "the SNLdude" was not a good match for the "super hot vampire in black leather trench coat."

When he decided to end his presidential campaign in 2016, Cruz said, "America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat," a remark that prompted many at the time to wonder if he'd meant to make a wrestling analogy but veered into sexual fantasy instead.