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Technical Glitch Causes Meteorologist's Weather Forecast To Get Hilariously Psychedelic

Fox 9 KMSP

In a hilarious live weather forecast on Fox 9 KMSP in Minnesota, meteorologist Jennifer McDermed inadvertently created a psychedelic moment, and her reaction was perhaps the best part.

As Fox 9 shared on Twitter:

Bit of an understatement:

McDermed began laughing after she clicked a button and multiples of her image began showing up on the screen.

She asked in a fit of laughter to the camera:

Do you guys want one Jennifer, two Jennifer, three?"

One of the anchors asked:

"Can you lead that train off the screen?"

McDermed responded by dancing her way across the screen, with multiples of herself trailing behind.

Eventually, the technical glitch stopped and she continued on with the weather report, saying:

"I have no idea what that was but that was brilliant."

Another anchor described it as "psychedelic and groovy, like a 1970s video."

People could not get enough of this hilarity.

The comments on the YouTube video concurred.

Hunters Mark wrote:

"I like how she actually played with the glitch, that made it much better!"

Cody Coffey shared:

"Imagine someone was really tripping and just trying to catch the weather lol"

Tesserld commented:

"Sunny and funny."

Champolito added:

"She just made my morning much much better !!!"

Andreas W posted:

"Her laugh. This is great"

Squab N4ser wrote:

"That was absolutely adorable lmao"

Mo Yo added:

"It looks like a music video from the 80s lmao"

The video ended with more fits of laughter and one anchor warning not to press that button again.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had something else in mind.

Yes, it should totally count! 😂