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Transphobes Have Apparently Created A Groanworthy New Sexuality Called 'Super Straight'

Transphobes Have Apparently Created A Groanworthy New Sexuality Called 'Super Straight'
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Warning: This article contains discussions and of transphobia and transphobic language.

A new transphobic trend has recently exploded online: A supposed new sexual orientation called "super straight" for straight people who will only date so-called "real" men and women and not transgender people.

After exploding on social media and moving to 4chan, the trend is now linked to Nazi groups, who are using it as a recruiting tool.

It all began with a since-deleted video from TikToker Kyle Royce.

In the video, Royce talks about the "new sexuality" he created, which he describes thusly:

"I'm super straight: I only date...women that are born a woman. So you can't say I'm transphobic now, because that's just my sexuality."
Royce also refers to the type of women he wants to date as "real women," a common transphobic slur.
After Royce's TikTok gained traction, it caught the attention of 4chan trolls, who talked about using it to "drive a wedge" between LGBTQ people and "use the left's tactics against themselves, call them bigots for not accepting super straights."
And it seems to have succeeded.
After 4chan trolls flooded social media platforms with "super straight" content, it has been amplified by everyone from so-called TERFs—trans-exclusionary radical feminists—to well-meaning LGBTQ people who have mistaken it for a sincere, good-faith assertion of sexual identity.

Twitter and TikTok are now rife with "super straight" hashtags and memes that co-opt LGBTQ language and symbols to make claims of discrimination.

The movement has even chosen black and amber as its signature colors, which many believe to be a mocking reference to the Grindr and Pornhub color palettes.

But "super straight" is far more insidious than a simple 4chan troll game. It has also become a way to recruit social media users into resurgent Nazism.

Nazi groups have been using the name "super straight" to covertly reference the SS, the Nazis' paramilitary arm in 1930s and 1940s Germany. The SS was ultimately tasked with rounding up and murdering millions of Jews and other minorities—including LGBTQ people—in the death camps of the Holocaust.

As the movement exploded, so have responses on social media calling out "super straight" for the Nazi-aligned, transphobic troll effort it is.

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Despite this push-back, "super straight" has been continuing to spread online, and on TikTok where it originated. Videos calling it out for transphobia and homophobia and the neo-Nazi connection have begun to be removed after being reported for so-called "superphobia."