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Statue Of Matilda Sizing Up Trump Unveiled Near Roald Dahl's Former Home For Book's 30th Anniversary

Statue Of Matilda Sizing Up Trump Unveiled Near Roald Dahl's Former Home For Book's 30th Anniversary
Illustration by Quentin Blake, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Roald Dahl's character Matilda has become a beloved symbol for many. The fearless bookworm was a champion for her fellow students, stood up to seemingly unbeatable bully teacher Ms. Trunchbull, and fought for what was right even when it felt almost impossible. Matilda's wit and bravery have inspired people for decades. On the 30th anniversary of the book's release, artists have taken the time to re-imagine what Matilda might be up to now.

Illustrator Quentin Blake gave us a glimpse at what adult Matilda could be up to. Perhaps she'd be an astrophysicist, or a poet! Whatever she'd be doing, there would be books involved.

The art piece that really has tongues wagging, though, is one that keeps Matilda young. If the fearless little girl in the books could face down the terrible Ms. Trunchbull, then she could face down any bully. So it makes sense that Matilda might be imagined taking on someone that millions of people perceive as the biggest bully of our time.

Take a look.

The statue shows Matilda as a child - the way we all got to know and love her. She's standing firmly on a stack of books with her hands on her hips as she stares up at a caricature of Donald Trump. Trump is portrayed with laughably tiny hands and a duck-lipped pout. He is leaning down at Matilda while standing on a hollow platform.

The symbolism and message came through loud and clear. Some people LOVED it, and others seemed annoyed by the piece. Either way, it became a major talking point.

If you, like so many other people, are wondering how Donald Trump got into the mix with Matilda, it's quite simple. The Roald Dahl Story Company polled the public and asked who they thought Matilda would stand up to if she were a child today. Donald Trump was took the top spot for the biggest bully. Theresa May was a distant second place with Piers Morgan rounding the top three. The statue is currently on display in Buckinghamshire, where Roald Dahl lived for almost 40 years.

We hope Matilda continues to inspire people to stand up to the Trunchbulls (or Trumps) in their lives for another 30 years. Happy birthday Matilda!

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