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Sinclair Broadcasting Forces Their 200 Stations To Air Segment Praising Use Of Tear Gas On Migrants

Photo by Guillermo Arias /AFP/Getty Images

Sinclair Broadcast Group is at it again.

The propaganda machine is working overtime.

This time it has focused its attention on using tear gas on Central American immigrants.

The goal?

Sell it to the American people as a great idea.

The media company came under fire in March when Dead Spin compiled a video on dozens of local news stations reading nearly identical scripts siding with Donald Trump's "fake news" mantra.

Sinclair's Soldiers in Trump's War on Media

Now Business Insider is reporting that Sinclair is up to its old tricks.

The company sent out a must-use segment to over 100 stations of a Boris Epshteyn (Chief Political Analyst for Sinclair Broadcast Group and Special Assistant to President Donald Trump) segment selling the idea that tear-gassing mothers and children at the border is a great idea..

People are furious.

People are not only getting angry, they are taking action.

People are connecting the dots and seeing how connected it all is.

Sinclair tried to weasel out of the mess they created.

People are not falling for it.

We'll have to wait to see if any action is taken.

H/T: NPR, Business Insider

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