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The Creepy Twins From 'The Shining' Just Shared Photos Of Themselves At The Queen's Funeral

The Creepy Twins From 'The Shining' Just Shared Photos Of Themselves At The Queen's Funeral
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The funeral for Queen Elizabeth II—who died on September 8 at 96, ending her 70-year reign—attracted at least 750,000 mourners who came to pay to respect to Britain's longest reigning monarch.

Heads of state and dignitaries from around the world came to the funeral.

So too did celebrities like Killing Eve actress Sandra Oh. English footballer David Beckham waited in a queue for hours at a time to file past the late Queen's coffin.

Among the less famous people there were twins Lisa and Louise Burns.

In case you don't know who they are, you probably remember their faces.

They played the twin daughters of the murderous Delbert Grady in Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film The Shining, a loose adaptation of the novel by Stephen King.

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They look like this now and manage the joint Twitter account @Shining_twins.

The Burns sisters joined the queue to pay their respects to the late Queen, documenting their progress all the while.

They even showed off their matching armbands.

Horror fans ate it up and even made a few very appropriate jokes.

The moment the Grady sisters show up in The Shining remains one of the more subtle and creepy moments in the film, coming just as Danny Torrance (played by child actor Danny Lloyd) begins to become more aware of the Overlook Hotel's sinister power and influence.

Killed by their father—whose madness foreshadows the mental breakdown Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson) experiences over the course of the film—the Grady sisters are just two characters in the menagerie of ghostly apparitions that haunt the hotel.

You can watch the classic moment below.

The Shining (1980) - Come Play With Us Scene (2/7) |

The Burns sisters have since left Hollywood though they have embraced the notoriety of The Shining and attended numerous horror conventions. Lisa Burns is a lawyer and Louise Burns is a published scientist and researcher.

Several years ago, they told Cosmopolitan that they recited their lines for the film until they could speak them in unison and in an "otherworldly voice." They recalled loving the experience of working on the film and said their parents and the cast and crew took care of them, making sure they weren't traumatized by the film's horrific subject matter.