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Dem Rep. Parodies Hip Hop Hit 'Fergalicious' To Fight Climate Change—And It's An Iconic Cringe Moment

Dem Rep. Parodies Hip Hop Hit 'Fergalicious' To Fight Climate Change—And It's An Iconic Cringe Moment

Climate change is a serious issue that requires serious solutions.

Such as, for instance, a climate change themed parody of pop singer Fergie's early 2000s hit "Fergalicious."

At least, that's what Illinois Democratic Representative Sean Casten is trying out in an effort to raise awareness about climate change legislation. The Representative dropped his own version of the former Black Eyed Peas member's seminal 2006 hit and it's both wonderful and brain-meltingly cringe.

Watch below for a perfect or awful start to the weekend, we're honestly not sure!

Now this may just seem like a silly bit of messing around, but Casten really is serious about the issue of climate change.

And if you were suspicious? All that sh*t is not fictitious.

Casten's little ditty, like his Megan Thee Stallion-referencing "Hot FERC Summer" catchphrase, was created to draw attention to the Federal Energy Regulation Commission, or FERC, and legislation he hopes to pass to streamline its processes and allow for smoother transitions to clean energy.

Casten's presentation was full of repurposed "Fergalicious" lyrics, like this opening salvo:

"As climate activist Fergie would certainly say, the FERC-alicious definition is to make our planet cooler."

And this banger of a lyric:

"Having a well air-conditioned home when it's 'hot, hot,' that's FERC-alicious."

To really sell his tribute to both FERC and Stacey Ferguson, Casten ended his presentation by yielding his time so that he could "go work on my fitness."


Now, look, is this wildly cringe? Of course.

But there's no way around it. When was the last time you had even heard of the Federal Energy Regulation Commission?

Exactly. Casten definitely did his job and that's what you call Fergalicious—er, sorry, FERC-alicious def.

But one question, of course, remains. Did Casten's bop put them boys on rock rock?

Judging from the Twitter response, it seems we must conclude Representative Casten is the S to the E-A-N to the C and can't no other Congressman put it down like he.

Which is a long-winded, "Fergalicious"-referencing way to say Casten's deeply weird video left Twitter screaming... in both hysterics and horror.

The legislation Casten introduced via icon Fergie bops is only the beginning of his plans for FERC.

He'll introduce another bill next week that will push to have electricity prices account for the cost of greenhouse gas emissions.