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Heckler Claims Capitol Riot 'Sexually Excited' Her After Interrupting Schumer's Press Conference

Heckler Claims Capitol Riot 'Sexually Excited' Her After Interrupting Schumer's Press Conference

Since the Capitol riot there has been a veritable waterfall of bizarre people and moments that have come to light, but this one is surely among the strangest.

A new video is going viral which shows a woman interrupting a press conference being given by New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer in order to heckle him. Nothing new there, of course.

But things quickly took a turn when the woman launched into a string of truly bizarre statements—like the Capitol riot "sexually excited" her.

The incident happened in Manhattan while Schumer was addressing the press on the topic of the forthcoming second impeachment of President Trump.

The woman began by calling the Senator a "racist" and "anti-Semite" (Schumer is Jewish), and applauding the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol, yelling "I didn't think the Trumpsters had it in them."

She then launched into a screed about how cowardly she felt Schumer was for hiding under a table while shots rang out between police and the extremists who smashed windows and doors, vandalized and looted the Capitol.

And apparently seeing the Senator in mortal danger is her kink, because she yelled this:

"Seeing you hide under your desk, I actually got sexually excited over it! That's how much I loathe you!"

But as unhinged as that statement is, the woman wasn't done there.

She proceeded to call Schumer a socialist, which he is not, and then accused him of being a devotee to Hitler.

"Remember this! Adolf Hitler was a socialist, and that's exactly who you follow."

And then came the pinnacle of her performance.

As Schumer stood quietly waiting for her to finish, the woman accused Schumer of creating the riot President Trump incited at the Capitol—and in cities across the country this past summer—by telling the police to "stand down."

"Did you tell the Capitol police to stand down?... You told the police to stand down in Kenosha, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco."

She finished her screed by issuing a threat to Schumer.

"These Trump supporters are gonna go to your house. They're gonna go to Pelosi's house... And I will be right there to support them."

Perhaps the woman will soon get a call from the FBI, to whom she can explain exactly what she meant by that.

On Twitter, many people were shocked by the woman's deeply strange screed.

And people were especially unnerved by the lack of response from Schumer's security detail.

Here's hoping Congress tightens security, because it doesn't appear tensions are cooling any time soon.