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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Lays Into Senate GOPers Who Just Want To 'Forget' About The Capitol Riot


MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough went on an epic rant this past Wednesday, January 27, in response to Senate Republicans who want to "move on" from the Capitol insurrection which took place earlier this month.

The January 6 Capitol riot by Trump supporters coming from a rally at the White House resulted in 5 deaths—including a Capitol police officer—and was cited as the cause of 2 more.

You can watch Scarborough's monologue below, in which he singles out Republican Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley of Missouri for their blatant hypocrisy.

Many Twitter users shared Scarborough's video, feeling the same as he did.

Speaking to the Republican Senators, Scarborough said:

"Forget? Forget? You are out of your mind and you're not a conservative. That's how conservatives do not talk. We don't forget, if you attack our country, we go after you, we jail you, we throw away the key."

Over videos of the Capitol insurrection, Scarborough also commented:

"You know what these people are? These are Trump terrorists. Call them by their name."

Twitter praised the MSNBC host for his frank, passionate criticisms.

Calls for accountability over the Capitol insurrection have continued even after President Trump left office.

Time will tell whether the politicians who incited the violence face consequences.