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Sandra Oh Stuns Fans After She's Spotted As Part Of The Processional For The Queen's Funeral

Sandra Oh Stuns Fans After She's Spotted As Part Of The Processional For The Queen's Funeral
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Many viewers of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, which took place Monday morning in London, were surprised to see a most unexpected guest walking in Her Majesty's processional—actor Sandra Oh.

Oh is a celebrated television star, having appeared on Grey's Anatomy for years and currently starring on the hit BBC drama Killing Eve. But what ties does she have to the Royal Family?

If you watched along and were left wondering the same thing, you certainly weren't alone. People all over the internet were shocked to see the television star seemingly performing some kind of official duty.

It turns out she was at the funeral in an official capacity—as part of the delegation to the funeral from Canada, which is a member of the British commonwealth. She was seen at the funeral wearing a pin bearing the colors of her home country.

Oh was born and raised near the Canadian capital of Ottawa and began her career there in the 1990s, going on to star in many films and television shows in the UK. Last year, she was inducted into the Order of Canada in honor of her "artistic career filled with memorable stage, television and film roles in Canada and abroad."

The Order of Canada was created by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 1967 to honor Canadians "whose service shapes our society, whose innovations ignite our imaginations and whose compassion unites our communities."

Prior to the Queen's funeral, Oh took to Instagram to post about how proud she was to be representing her country.

In her caption, she wrote:

"Proud to represent [Canada] w/my fellow Order of Canada & Valour recipients [musician Gregory Charles], [Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Mark Tewksbury] and [Canadian Coast Guard (retired) Leslie Palmer] at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II funeral at Westminster Abbey today."

The Canadian delegation of which Oh was a part was led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Trudeau.

Oh's presence definitely caught fans' attention on Twitter.

Oh was joined at the Queen's funeral by fellow Order of Canada recipients Olympic swimmer Mark Tewksbury and Québécois musician Gregory Charles and Canadian Order of Valour recipient Leslie Palmer, a veteran of Canada's Coast Guard.