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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Officiated A Wedding Sans Mask, And People Are Not Happy About It

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

In a regular world, having your marriage officiated by Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be inspire worldwide jealousy.

But in the age of the pandemic, sharing a picture of the Supreme Court's eldest justice standing mere feet away from an unmasked couple probably didn't have the positive effect one happy couple was hoping for.

Twitter user Barb Solish shared the photo featuring an unmasked RBG with pride, but Twitter felt she should be ashamed of the event.

Twitter felt bringing RBG, who has suffered from multiple cancer diagnoses in the past several years, to a maskless wedding was the height of irresponsibility.

The loss of Ginsburg, a stalwart liberal voice in the Supreme Court, would be devastating to the safety of many at risk Americans.

Solish returned to her thread later on to make sure people knew she and her husband had both tested negatively for the virus prior to the ceremony.

Many online felt they've been depriving themselves of the outdoors to protect vulnerable lives like Ginsburg's.

Such precautions are useless everyone agrees to respect them.

The life of RBG is too valuable for any couple to risk.

Can we all please agree to keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg safe until the pandemic has passed? Please and thank you!