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Video Of Rudy Giuliani Shaving While Eating In An Airport Lounge Grosses Out The Internet

Video Of Rudy Giuliani Shaving While Eating In An Airport Lounge Grosses Out The Internet

Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney and confidante to former Republican President Donald Trump, found himself the subject of another internet firestorm after a video of him shaving in an airport lounge—at a table, in front of his food in close proximity to other eating patrons—went viral.

The incident happened in Delta Airlines' Delta One lounge at New York's JFK airport and was captured by Instagram user @nicholas_jpw and shared publicly by actor Michael Rapaport.

Yoh can watch the videos below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Who does this‽‽

Who sits in close proximity where people are eating with a noisy electric shaver grinding the hair off their face and covering a restaurant table—where there's FOOD—with their beard stubble in full view of other diners‽‽

The mind reels.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Nick Weiss, who posted the original footage to his Instagram Story, said Giuliani had just been served a plate of brownies right before he whipped out his electric shaver and rained stubble all over the place.

As with most airport lounges, there was a "really nice" bathroom, complete with sinks and showers, just steps away from his table.

Weiss' footage was widely shared online. Michael Rapaport added some choice words for Giuliani when he shared it.

In a voiceover he added to Weiss' footage addressing Giuliani directly, Rapaport said:

"Look at this sh*t, live from JFK... Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, you nasty filthy, sloppy, disgusting, filthy fu*king animal. Shaving yourself in public? You fu*king pig. You should be ashamed of yourself."
"Lock. Him. Up. You fu*king dog, you."

The internet added their own commentary on Giuliani's grooming/eating habits.

Though many felt this was the least of Giuliani's shocking exploits in recent years.

In other Giuliani news, his associate Igor Fruman recently pled guilty to campaign finance charges as part of a plea deal to cooperate with federal investigations in which Giuliani is also implicated.

Sounds like his JFK incident isn't the only close shave he's may experience in the near future.