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Rudy Giuliani Absurdly Outraged Over Contact Tracing For Virus Since We Don't Do It For Cancer And Obesity

Rudy Giuliani Absurdly Outraged Over Contact Tracing For Virus Since We Don't Do It For Cancer And Obesity

Rudy Giuliani has never hesitated to go on television and spout absolute nonsense as if it's fact, and yesterday was no different.

Giuliani visited Laura Ingraham on Fox News to talk about the global pandemic. Specifically, Rudy believes governors should be going against the advice of health professionals and opening up businesses, no matter the risk.

But that wasn't all. Giuliani also weighed in on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's contact tracing program.

Though the undertaking is of a very large scale, tracking who infectious people have come in contact with has proven a key method in combatting viruses both overseas and in our own history.

Giuliani, however, believes the program to be unnecessary. Speaking of the contact tracing program, he said:

"That's totally ridiculous. Then we should trace everybody for cancer. And heart disease and obesity. I mean, a lot of things kill you more than [the virus]. So we should be traced for all those things."

Of course, Ingraham didn't bother mentioning to Giuliani that none of the diseases he mentioned (cancer, heart disease, and obesity) were contagious. Tracing them would make no sense whatsoever.

On opening the country back up, Giuliani also noted (in direct disagreement with health professionals):

"Let's get back to work again, because we're ready to get back to work again."

It's almost as if Giuliani doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Last month, Giuliani's Twitter account was shut down because he was spreading misinformation about the virus. Things aren't so different a month later.

Ingraham did nothing to push back against Rudy's ridiculous claims, simply saying:

"[We] can't live in a bubble."

Following the advice of experts to combat this pandemic has never been more important, yet Republican talking heads like Giuliani can't seem to keep their facts straight.

The next time you're searching for medical advice, try not to pay too much attention to Rudy Giuliani.

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