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Rudy Giuliani Claims Black Lives Matter 'Wants To Come And Take Your House Away From You' In Bonkers Rant

Rudy Giuliani Claims Black Lives Matter 'Wants To Come And Take Your House Away From You' In Bonkers Rant
Fox News

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and current personal lawyer to Donald Trump, recently warned that Black Lives Matter is an anarchist organization that wants to dismantle the entire U.S. government and take Americans' homes away.

Giuliani made the claim during a longer rant on The Ingraham Angle, a Fox News program viewed by 3.6 million people, on average.

During an interview with host Laura Ingraham, the former mayor spent nearly a minute and a half deriding Black Lives Matter and its role in the recent nationwide protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd.

Giuliani began the rant by lumping together Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and "the Communists," dubbing them an organized anarchist network.

"It should be quite plain to every American who can see through the propaganda that Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Communists, and their allies are executing a plan they wrote about four or five years ago."

After attributing his claims to "their manifestos" written years ago, Giuliani touched on specifics.

"They wrote then they wanna do away with the police, they wanna empty out the prisons, they want to internationalize our government, they wanna do away with our system of courts, and they want to take your property away and give it to other people."

He then painted a villainous picture.

"This is an orchestrated effort. It is no longer a protest about Mr. Floyd. That ended a long time ago. This is anarchist, organized anarchists supported with a lot of money."

Finally, after blaming all new virus cases on the protests, he attacked Black Lives Matter directly.

"People who say they're favorable to Black Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter wants to come and take your house away from you...."

Multiple reports refute Giuliani's claim that Antifa and Black Lives Matter have worked together.

The FBI has investigated the protests and concluded that no evidence suggests Antifa helped to plan them. In addition, NPR reported on June 9 that of 51 cases brought by the Justice Department following the unrest, zero involved members of Antifa.

Black Lives Matter has long maintained a deliberately decentralized structure, instead opting to create an atmosphere to empower countless local leaders and demands.

The organization has stated the ethos plainly on its website:

"It is adaptive and decentralized, with a set of guiding principles. Our goal is to support the development of new Black leaders, as well as create a network where Black people feel empowered to determine our destinies in our communities.

Twitter didn't hesitate to plow through Giuliani's logic.

Others lampooned the former mayor more generally.

For others, Fox News and Laura Ingraham carried plenty of blame as well.

Despite Giuliani's characterizations, protests continue across the United States.