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Trump Calls Planned Black Lives Matter Mural In NYC A' Symbol Of Hate' In Twitter Tantrum

Trump Calls Planned Black Lives Matter Mural In NYC A' Symbol Of Hate' In Twitter Tantrum
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump has taken issue with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to paint the phrase "Black Lives Matter" along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. The President claimed this mural, intended to show support for the BLM movement, was a "symbol of hate."

A series of tweets on Wednesday showed the President's ire, condemning the mural as a "symbol of hate" against New York's "GREAT Police." The President also criticized the $1 billion cut to the NYPD budget.

The chant referenced in Trump's tweet, "Pigs In A Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon" was from a protest 5 years ago and has not been documented in any recent protests, according to The Hill.

Many Twitter users took the opportunity to point out everything wrong with the President's assertions.

Many also took the opportunity to criticize his recent tendency to demonize demonstrators who are removing statues and monuments to racist parts of our country's past.

Others referenced the President's recent share of a video in which one of his vehement supporters shouts the phrase "White Power."

Several people, including Mayor de Blasio, chimed in with an important history lesson.

Mayor de Blasio announced the "Black Lives Matter" mural on Wednesday morning, pointing out the location of the mural on Fifth Avenue will be near Trump Tower.

Cities painting the phrase "Black Lives Matter" on major streets is a growing trend seen across the country to show support for protesters calling for policy changes and an end to police brutality. Rather than acknowledging the issue of police brutality and working to help make systemic change, the President has doubled down on his already vehement support of law enforcement officers in recent weeks.

In addition to his recent retweet of a video in which someone shouts "White Power" when he is confronted by anti-Trump demonstrators, this unquestioning support of law enforcement has drawn a lot of criticism for the President.