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Mitt Romney Celebrates National Hot Dog Day With Bizarre Video Tribute To 'The Best Meat'

The Republican Senator was swiftly roasted after posting the video on Twitter.

Twitter screenshots of Mitt Romney's National Hot Dog Day tribute

Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney was swiftly roasted after he took to Twitter to celebrate National Hot Dog Day with a lighthearted yet bizarre video tribute in which he referred to hot dogs as "the best meat."

Romney expressed his love for hot dogs while walking with a ketchup-laden hot dog in hand and donning a hot dog-themed hat.

As he celebrated the day dedicated to this classic American treat, Romney extended his wishes to all those joining in the festivities.

You can see Romney's strange tribute in the video below.

Romney said:

“Perhaps you also know that hot dog is my favorite meat, I love hot dogs, I love ’em in buns, I love ’em outside of buns, I love ’em with baked beans, I just like hot dogs. It’s the best meat there is, without question."
"So to all of you, like me, who are celebrating National Hot Dog Day, congratulations to you, and may there be many, many more hot dogs served in our wonderful land.”

Despite his lighthearted proclamation, some Twitter users couldn't resist poking fun at the Senator's choice, sparking amusing banter on the social media platform.

Romney has previously made his affection for hot dogs known to the public.

In the past, he playfully engaged in the ongoing "sandwich or not" debate, firmly stating his preference for hot dogs over hamburgers during a laid-back dinner with his supporters.

At the time, he said his "favorite meat is hot dog" and his "second favorite meat is hamburger," suggesting that steaks—while delicious and great—can't compare to the two meats many consider potent symbols of Americana.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council—yes, this is very much a thing—has a section of its website dedicated to "Hot Dog and Sausage Facts, Culture, and History" and recently named Los Angeles the "No. 1 Hot Dog and Sausage Consuming City" in a press release.