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Kyle Rittenhouse Just Launched A YouTube Channel About His Love Of Guns—Because Of Course

The Kenosha shooter will also discuss the 2nd Amendment on the new channel.

Kyle Rittenhouse Just Launched A YouTube Channel About His Love Of Guns—Because Of Course
Kyle Rittenhouse/YouTube

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse sparked outrage after he launched a YouTube channel about his love of guns. Rittenhouse posted a short video over the weekend, saying in the caption that he plans on “creating content about guns and talking about the 2nd amendment.”

He also posted an official announcement on Twitter.

Rittenhouse has remained a darling among the right since he was acquitted of all charges relating to the fatal shootings of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and injuring Gaige Grosskreutz during the Kenosha unrest, which took place after police officers shot and partially paralyzed Jacob Blake, a Black man.

His channel is the latest of his ventures designed to capitalize off his notoriety in the aftermath of the shootings.

You can hear Rittenhouse's introduction in the video below.

Rittenhouse said:

"Hey guys, thanks for checking out my YouTube channel. I have some great content that I look forward to making for you guys."

He went on to introduce his co-host, Brandon Lesco, a longtime Rittenhouse supporter. Rittenhouse thanked him for offering "great advice" on creating the channel.

Lesco laughed and encouraged Rittenhouse's supporters to follow the channel. As of this writing, Rittenhouse's YouTube channel has accrued nearly 45,000 subscribers.

Many online, however, have had a much different response to Rittenhouse's latest venture.

Rittenhouse has continued to capitalize on the Kenosha shooting—even mocking his detractors following his acquittal.

Earlier this year, he released a video game that gives players the option to shoot "fake news turkeys" that he is selling on his official website for $9.99.

Rittenhouse collaborated with game developer Mint Studios to create the game, titledTurkey Shoot, and plans to use the proceeds from it to fund his lawsuits against media outlets he's accused of defamation.

His promotional video for Turkey Shoot refers to the media as "nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than push their lying agenda and destroy innocent people’s lives."

A few months ago, Rittenhouse announced the creation of a "Media Accountability Project" aimed at suing everyone who called him a murderer, a move celebrated by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, on whose show Rittenhouse had appeared.