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Real Estate TikTokers Instantly Dragged After Claiming Tenants Should Tip Their Landlords

TikTokers @twoguystakeonrealestate tried to compare what landlords do to baristas and restaurant servers—and it didn't sit well with viewers.

@twoguystakeonrealestate on TikTok

You ever seen something so tone deaf it makes you cringe?

That's the feeling many people who watched a recent TikTok from @twoguystakeonrealestate—which through a skit recommended tenants tip their landlords in addition to their usual rent—experienced.


Tipping your landlord.

Why did they think landlords should be tipped?

Well, they argued, if you would tip a barista or a restaurant server for doing their job, why not tip a landlord for doing theirs, such as showing up to do emergency repairs off-hours?

You can see the controversial video here:


When you’re paying your landlord the rent and a tipping screen appears… #investmentproperty #realestateinvesting #passiveincome

Their take was not well received.

This must be satire, some people said.

It's too off-the-wall otherwise.



People immediately piled onto the idea landlords have skills that might deserve a tip.

First, one person took aim at the part of the skit where they compared landlords to baristas.


How hard, others snarked, to sit around and own things that other people need to live.



Others replied if the landlords were going to charge a tip for upkeeping their own properties, they were going to start charging a tip to also upkeep said property.


Or for helping the landlord pay off their mortgage on the property, an often-used technique.


Even the dog deserves a tip!


Others discussed how much their landlords did not deserve their full rent, let alone a tip.




Here's hoping the video truly is a parody skit and not a real thing landlords will begin to expect.