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TikToker Weirded Out After Staring Stranger Pulls Up Beside Her While She's Having A Private Cry

TikToker Bryanna Moreno picked a secluded spot to have a cry in her car, only to have a strange woman interrupt to stare at her.

screenshots from @bryanna_moreno11/TikTOk

Sometimes you just need a little space of your own to cry out some feelings.

This is what TikTok user Bryanna Moreno thought she had found, but then a car pulled up right next to her with an inquisitive woman, who stared into Moreno’s tinted windows, honked then drove away.

Then the woman came back.

Spooked a bit, Moreno drove off, but was followed by the woman.

In her trilogy of videos about the incident, Moreno thought the woman was casting a spell or something on her.

Moreno said:

“I am assuming she’s like trying to go through the property and just to see what’s going on. I don’t know."
"But she parks right next to me… And then she does like a U-turn and parks right next to me even closer the next time and just stares and smirks."
"So I legit thought she was like committing witchcraft on me or like about to commit murder or something.”

You can watch the first video here:


Okay now im lowley scared. #stalker? #why #whothis #scared #fyp

And the second.


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And finally, the third.


Replying to @iclyyn i legit feel so bad for being so boring.. 🥲

Others were weirded out by the woman, too.



Others chose to focus on who the woman reminded them of.

It was not flattering.




Others were wondering why she was even there.

Maybe Moreno had invaded her crying spot?



Some thought there might be a less legal reason the woman was circling.




Some people tried to look on the bright side of the woman’s possible motivations.


Moreno left safely—weirded out, but safe.