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Rep. Ayanna Pressley Epically Rips Betsy DeVos Over Her Push To Reopen Schools In The Fall

Rep. Ayanna Pressley Epically Rips Betsy DeVos Over Her Push To Reopen Schools In The Fall
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images, Mark Wilson/Getty Images

During an interview on CNN's "State of the Union," Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos raised eyebrows when she continued pushing for schools to reopen this fall.

DeVos' insistence about schools comes despite surges in cases of the viral pandemic across the United States in recent weeks.

DeVos commented:

"What we're saying is that kids need to be back in school and that school leaders across the country need to be making plans to do just that. There's going to be the exception to the rule, but the rule should be that kids go back to school this fall. Where there are little flare-ups or hot spots, that can be dealt with on a school-by-school or a case-by-case basis."

DeVos also stood by the federal government's relaxed approach to guidelines, saying that giving individual schools and states freedom to determine their own path forward will start working soon.

"The CDC guidelines are just that, meant to be flexible and meant to be applied as appropriate for the situation."

CongresswomanAyanna Pressley called DeVos out on Twitter with a pretty scathing burn.

Twitter was absolutely stunned by the ferocity of Pressley's shade.

On a more serious level, most people seemed to agree that if the government's CDC recommended schools stay closed, the same government shouldn't be making schools reopen.

Many thanked Pressley for responding to DeVos' unpreparedness with an appropriate level of attitude.

Many parents in the United States surely feel similarly to Pressley.

Of course, DeVos isn't a particularly beloved figure in American politics.

The next time Betsy DeVos goes on TV, she'd better have some better answers prepared if she wants to avoid another public roasting.