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Ron Perlman Obliterates 'Piece Of Sh*t' Tom Cotton And 'Pr*ck' Ted Cruz For Ketanji Brown Jackson Questions

Ron Perlman Obliterates 'Piece Of Sh*t' Tom Cotton And 'Pr*ck' Ted Cruz For Ketanji Brown Jackson Questions
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images; @perlmutations/Twitter; Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Nearly every question asked by a Republican of Supreme Court nominee Kentanji Brown Jackson has been beneath the dignity of the Court, Jackson and Congress.

But perhaps no Republicans' questioning has left such a foul taste in people's mouths as Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton's and Texas Senator Ted Cruz's.

Count actor Ron Perlman among those revolted by the GOP Senators' behavior.

In a profanity laced takedown, Perlman railed against Cotton's thinly veiled racism as he peppered Jackson with attempted gotcha-style questions.

See his message to the Arkansas Republican below.

Perlman called Cotton a "White slaver" and a "piece of sh*t" while excoriating him for the narrative he attempted to spin about Jackson.

"Tom Cotton... You piece of sh*t... Play back your line of questioning and tell me that wasn't the most racist thing I've seen since Jefferson fu*king Davis."

Perlman concluded his takedown with two simple words:

"Fu*k you."

Perlman also had a message for frequent Twitter sparring partner Ted Cruz.

Perlman is certainly not alone in his disgust.

Republicans' abrasive, condescending questioning seemed deliberately geared toward humiliating Judge Jackson.

In the case of Cotton's criticism, Judge Jackson reduced the sentence because of new legislation ratified by the majority Republican Congress of 2018 and signed into law by former President Trump—The First Step Act.

The act stipulated drug sentences would only face a mandatory increase if the offender was previously convicted of a felony.

As Judge Jackson calmly explained:

“Congress changed the law, Congress decided the old penalty, the old crime was no longer eligible for the increased sentence."
"So what I determined under those circumstances was that I would re-sentence Mr. Young to the penalty that Congress had decided was appropriate.”

But Cotton was not satisfied with her response and accused her of reducing the offender's sentence because she was on his side.

“You chose to rewrite the law because you were sympathetic to a drug fentanyl kingpin.”

Cotton also attempted to smear Judge Jackson as being blasé about rape case sentencing, a crime that has no federal jurisdiction and hence never appeared before Jackson during her years as a federal judge.

Cotton's smear attempt built off of Republican Senator Josh Hawley's attempt to cast Jackson as light on child pornographers, pandering to followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory who believe Democrats are lead by a baby eating cabal of pedophiles.

On Twitter, people applauded Perlman for saying to Cotton and Cruz what so many were thinking.

And he certainly was not alone in his opinion of GOP Senators Cotton and Cruz.

Judge Jackson's confirmation hearings were concluded on Wednesday.