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People Share The Worst Marriage Proposal Stories They've Ever Heard

People Share The Worst Marriage Proposal Stories They've Ever Heard

What's up with public marriage proposals? I certainly wouldn't want that kind of pressure. But even those aren't the weirdest kind. How about popping the question on a game show? Or pretending to break up with someone, only to propose? And I can't even get a text back...

Champagne_tatertots asked: What's the worst marriage proposal story you've ever heard?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Dad - subtlety master.


My parents. They were in the produce section of a grocery store when my dad says "all our friends are getting married we should too". My mom thinking he was joking just said yea and moved on with shopping. A couple days later she got to thinking about it and with the serious way he said it had her confused. She goes to him and asks if it was a serious question or if he really was just kidding around. He responds with "well yea I thought we were engaged now" 34 years later and they're still married.


"I say what I mean and I mean what I say" - your dad


Couples goals.


Next time just stick with "hi mom."

I remember seeing a YouTube video about a guy who proposed on some light-hearted late night game show or something. Everyone was getting into the fun, happy, late-night vibe except the woman, who had a look of pure horror on her face. Eventually she whispers "Can we.....can we talk about this later? Please?"

There's this awkward silent pause that goes on and on, while the couple both look like they want the ground to open up and swallow them whole. Then the show starts playing some cheesy upbeat "Let's go to the ad break!" music.

The juxtaposition between the humiliated couple and the cheesy party backing music, just made it hilariously tragic.


I think I remember that. I think they had only been dating for a month and the lady was wigged out.


Reminds me of the scene from the office when Michael asks Carol to marry him.



Spiderman 3

would you like some champagne?

Oh don't cry

How'd that get in there huh?


"You're trash Brock."


If you wanna say no, say no.

I had a Disneyland proposal. My ex and I went there for Christmas after 4 months of dating. 2nd day we were waiting in line for the haunted Mansion, and he suggested we get a pic on the steps. I'm standing there trying to smile for a picture and he gets down on one knee and goes at it while a cast member takes a video. People are noticing and cheering for us. I was totally blindsided. I felt like I had no choice but to say yes, even though I really did not want to. The ring was given to him by a friend,and was ugly, not my style, and not even close to my size. When we got home he manipulated me into letting him move in with me and I was stuck with him for another year until I managed to move myself away, get some distance, and leave him. It was terrible. I should have risked him leaving me on the side of the road in California instead.


This story sucks, but not because of you, but the way you were pressured into it. A proposal should be private!


I don't know the specifics but it kind of seems like the whole situation would've been fixed by just saying no.

Also if a guy gets you an ugly ring it means he doesn't love you.


Gotta admire the courage.


Our 6th grade English teacher told us of how a kid found a ring in the parking lot and proposed to her.


"Bold move Cotton."


"Let's see if it pays off."


Um ok.

I'm on good terms with one of my ex-girlfriends, so I got to hear this story of how her husband proposed to her:

They were sitting around their apartment one day and he asks her, "hey, can you get my phone from the bedroom?" Okay, she gets his phone for him. A minute passes. "Hey, can you get me a glass of water?" She gets him a glass of water. Another minute passes. "Hey, can you bring me that pair of socks on top of my dresser?"

She gets the socks. The ring is in the socks. He proposes. He actually thought he was being romantic. She thought it was weird as f*ck.

Even weirder, she said yes, and they've been married for more than ten years.


This is so weird and funny! What's with the lead up of making her get other things first?


Maybe he forgot which mundane item he'd stashed the ring in.


"Huh.... not the socks.... bring me the cat."


Sounds like a totally healthy relationship.

My buddy's girlfriend kept telling him that he couldn't surprise her. After college, they were planning to move together to another town. About 6 months before graduation, he told her he wasn't sure about the move or their relationship. She turned around to cry. He called her name, and when she turned back, he was on one knee. Did it to surprise her.


I'm not sure I want to be your boyfriend anymore...



This guy's a douche don't marry him.

A friend of my sister had specifically told her boyfriend she hated public proposals and didn't want a bunch of people there, so what does he do but gather their entire extended family to do it. Ugh.


Did she say yes still? I would take that at as a red flag for marriage


They'd been together for years. He's actually a good guy, just committed this one egregious faux pas.


She said no? Good.

One day he drives her to a surprise location for a date. He takes her to this random house in the suburbs with a dog tied up in the front lawn. He then proceeds to propose and explain how her bought the house of their dreams, dog included, and how they could raise their children here. The woman (my friend) was so flabbergasted that all she said was something like "wtf, you bought a house and a dog without even telling me?" He thought he was making this grand romantic gesture, but she was super annoyed that he had apparently arranged their whole lives without even asking for her input. Needless to say she said no. Last I heard he lived in the house for a bit and then sold it for a loss. No mention of the dog, but I'm hoping it wound up with a good family.


Think fast before you say yes.


My dad walked through the living room and tossed a ring at my mom. 27 years married btw.


"Hey babe, think fast!" chucks ring box at girlfriend.