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Video Of Paris Hilton's Bodyguard Trying To Keep Up With Her As She Prances Through Coachella Has Fans LOLing

Video Of Paris Hilton's Bodyguard Trying To Keep Up With Her As She Prances Through Coachella Has Fans LOLing

A TikTok video of Paris Hilton's bodyguard struggling to keep up with her as she prances gleefully through Coachella has the internet laughing hard.

The clip, posted by TikToker @megcoss, has garnered more than a million likes for the slapstick vibes it presents.

Hilton was dressed as some sort of celestial nymph while being followed around by an enormous guy doing his best to keep up with her erratic moves.

It reminded many of a beleaguered dad trying to keep up with a toddler, and folks can't stop laughing.

See the clip below.


Cardi B’s bodyguard in the teacup vibes 😂 #parishilton #coachella #celebsatcoachella #parishiltonismymom

Coachella, of course, is the annual two-weekend music festival held at the Empire Polo Ground in Indio, California deep in the desert near Palm Springs.

The festival is nominally about music, of course, but it's also an opportunity to see and be seen, especially for influencers and celebrities like Hilton, and it's free-wheeling party atmosphere attracts people from all over the world.

And Hilton was definitely in her very-Coachella element in the clip, reeling around the grounds in a diaphanous white gown and a light-up backpack that glowed and blinked in different colors.

Sounds like one heck of a party right? Well sure, for Hilton.

But trailing behind her was her giant bruiser of a bodyguard, who seemed to be having anything but a good time, struggling to keep up in the desert heat as he attempted, and mostly failed, to follow her path and ensure nobody unsavory or untoward got too close to the hotel heiress.

The star herself got a kick out of the video too, duetting it on her own TikTok channel and chalking the scene up to some hardcore "sliving," her signature catchphrase that is a portmanteau of "slaying" and "living your best life."


#duet with @megcoss #Sliving is my cardio. 💃🏼 It’s a workout keeping up with the Queen Sliv⚡️👸🏼⚡️#Coachella 🎡

This truly might be the most Paris Hilton thing that has ever happened.

On TikTok, people were reminded of everything from chasing toddlers to husbands chasing their drunk girlfriends, and the video generated a lot of laughs.










It's Paris Hilton's world and we're just sliving in it.