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Texas Parent Trolls Conservatives By 'Barely Surviving' Chicago Visit

TikToker and 'concerned parent' Zach Freeman shared his visit to the 'terrifying hellscape' of downtown Chicago in a hilarious video.

TikTok screenshots of Zach Freeman in Chicago

TikToker and "concerned parent" Zach Freeman trolled conservatives recently with a new video in which he shared his visit to the "terrifying hellscape" of downtown Chicago in a hilarious video that mocks the GOP's fixation on heightened crime rates.

Indeed, Chicago has been a favorite target for conservatives who've claimed that "liberal cities" are dens of crime that offer prime examples of policy failures that only "law and order" can fix.

Freeman—who posts videos using the TikTok handle @zachrunsthings—played into this with his video, which you can see below.

A sarcastic Freeman said:

I'm a North Texas parent here against my will in downtown Chicago. Obviously I'm terrified for my life right now. No one feels safe bringing their kids here, obviously."

He then referred to the city as a "violent hellscape" against a backdrop of children playing and laughing. He even stood in front of a hypno-wheel and declared that it's the sort of contraption liberals might use to "indoctrinate" their children about concepts like diversity and equity.

Walking around the city, he mimicked conservatives complaining about who pays for "public art" and whether freedom of speech applies to "jam bands" playing music in public spaces.

Standing in front of a bathroom, he pointed to a simple arrow sign and asked, while mocking conservatives who've complained about nonbinary individuals and a lack of adherence to traditional gender norms:

"Women... men... okay, what's this sign? What kind of third gender is that?"

At one point, walking across a bridge with a curved path, he remarked that "even the bridges aren't allowed to be straight." And at yet another point, he watched a band play in a public park and declared that they're "one of those communist bands where anyone can play."

In between, he called the city "a den of fake news" and labeled it "un-American," though he said all of this with a smile on his face.

Social media users couldn't get enough of his humor and couldn't help but play along.

Freeman's video proved so popular that it even attracted the attention of Illinois' Democratic Governor J.B. Pritzker, who watched it and responded with a "laugh" emoji.

No word yet on whether he intends to hire Freeman to run the city's tourism bureau.