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Optical Illusion In 'Marriage Story' Has Viewers Seeing Scarlett Johansson Being Carried By A Headless Person


*The following may include memes with spoilers for the Netflix film Marriage Story

The Netflix Original movie, Marriage Story, has seen universal acclaim from critics and general audience alike.

That doesn't preclude the comedy-drama from the meme treatment online.

But that doesn't stop everyone else from talking about it online, including the weird scenes.

Over on Twitter, we're talking about a headless person carrying a tiny Scarlet Johansson at some point in the movie. The optical illusion can be a little difficult to see for some, so let's break it down.

Imagine Johansson's head is attached to the child's body, her neck turned to the left to look back. Meanwhile, the adult body has no head of its own.

It's a little jarring, but once you see it, it's so hard to not see.

Not everyone saw it though.

Admittedly, it's a little difficult to wrap your head around.

We do have someone who tried to outline it, in case you are among those who didn't see it.

Despite that tweet, there are still people who couldn't see it.

It is a little unnatural, and there isn't anything in the movie that would scream "headless body" at you.

There is no shame if you didn't see it.

Marriage Story has continued Netflix's strategy of releasing award contenders near the end of the year.

Treating these prestige films much like their studio counterparts has yielded some great results, noted by Roma's awards last year.

Which is probably why we have to turn this drama into funny cultural jokes.

The argument scene in the movie is the most widely known part of the movie, but I'm being told there is more to the film. Critics are praising Scarlet Johansson and Adam Driver for their roles, and the film is making the award circuit, winning some prestige awards.

It's available on Netflix.